Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AllPhotoLenses Review


A hobby or your bread-and-butter, photography never goes out of fashion, not today, not tomorrow, not in the too-distant future. Why, you might ask. For the simple reason that a photograph memorializes a moment that can never be captured by the human mind for very long.

And believe it or not, photography is an art as well. While some people may argue that photography is nothing but capturing what already is in existence, whenever you look at a photo, you see the image the way the photographer selects to present and frame his photo - the lighting, the angle, the vividness of the color scheme, every small detail that adds to the overall quality. If that isn't art, I probably have the wrong definition of the word "art."

As art has a wide audience appeal, it's no surprise that a lot of tools, tips, tricks, enhancements, whatever you call them, have cropped up in the market. In the case of photography, photo lenses have been introduced. Several different brands and makes are now vying for attention, all created to allow the flexibility photographers hope to achieve in terms of sharpness, color and other parameters.

As the domain would suggest, AllPhotoLenses.com is a site where photographers, professional or otherwise, meet, review and discuss photo lenses. Through the site, they also get to upload and see actual photos taken using a particular type of lens. The members themselves upload news, articles and other online resourcesfor other members to benefit from. Additionally, they can opt to buy, sell and trade photo lenses and other equipment with other members.

Founded by Sergey Borodin, a professional photographer himself, AllPhotoLenses.com aspires to become the biggest online database for everything related to photo lenses. It was first introduced in the Russian language through Lens-Club.ru.

[Via - Bitrix24.Com]