Saturday, April 07, 2007

Principal Sues Over Fake MySpace Profiles

A Pennsylvania high school principal is suing four ex-students for allegedly posting fake MySpace profiles that described him as a boozing, MILF-chasing swinger who thought sex with students should be legal unless "you kill them in the process."

In a Court of Common Pleas lawsuit, educator Eric Trosch alleges that the quartet of former Hickory High School students defamed him by posting a series of MySpace pages over a period of several days in December 2005.

Copies of the phony MySpace profiles can be found below. Trosch, now principal of Hermitage Middle School, claims that the online postings damaged his reputation and left him embarrassed and humiliated.

The profiles portray Trosch as a pornography enthusiast who enjoys urinating in women's mouths and considers Michael Jackson his hero. According to his complaint, Trosch, with the assistance of MySpace officials, was able to have each of the fake profiles deleted within days of their appearance online.

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