Sunday, August 13, 2006

10 Free Resources To Consider When You Are Looking For A Profitable AdSense Niche.

I did not rank these resources in any particular order, so don’t think that number 1 is the best resource and number 10 is the worse. These are all great resources, and they are FREE!

1. Google's official AdSense blog. Occasionally it profiles a successful website and provides daily or monthly revenue figure. Since copycat strategy works very well in just about any business, AdSense should be no different.
2. NicheGeek. NicheGeek.Com tells you what niches currently generate anywhere from $0.30 to $1.20 per AVERAGE click with AdSense. Unlike “top paying keywords” industry, this information is free and far more accurate.
3. Symbiotic. Symbiotic.Com is like an Overture Bid Tool but it provides current bids for AdWords advertisers, which is relevant to AdSense.
4. Aojon. Aojon.Com is an affiliate blog with an interesting feature. About once a week the blog features 25 new affiliate niche ideas. While it’s not universally true, hot affiliate niche often make a good niche for AdSense.
5. WebmasterWorld. WebmasterWorld.Com has a very nice AdSense subsection where a lot of ideas are shared. The forum is free, but requires registration. In my experience, this forums is the best AdSense forum currently available.
6. Digital Point AdSense Sandbox Tool. This tool lets you plug in any URL and displays the ads that Google AdSense robot will show on a particular site. The tool shows 20 ads and you can click all of them (don’t worry, Google does not register them as valid clicks and doesn’t charge advertisers) in order to investigate the quality of ads for a particular niche. If a niche is infested with MFA or traffic arbitrage sites (meaning lower earnings for you), you will immediately notice that by looking at the ads.
7. Amazon. Amazon.Com is the largest bookstore in the world. By looking at different fiction and non-fiction books, you can discover niches that nobody know about. Another idea is to create a site based on a particular book or an author and monetize it through AdSense.
8. WebmasterRadio. WebmasterRadio.FM has a variety of podcasts on SEO, affiliate marketing, contextual advertisement, domains and other topics. Very often, you’ll hear a guest talk about an unusual website or a niche, and you can take this information and take it to AdSense.
9. eBay. The idea with eBay is much like Amazon. See what sells on eBay, what niches there are, and see if you can monetize it through AdSense.
10. Offline world. Read newspapers and magazines, read them every day. You’ll be amazed by how many ideas you can get by looking through a newspaper or a magazine.