Friday, January 16, 2009

Ralphie May - Prime Cut

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I have become a huge fan of Ralphie's in this past year. I started with his first DVD, Just Correct, and thought it was well above average. His second DVD, Girth of a Nation, is one of the best stand up shows I have ever seen. Prime Cut is his third, and while it isn't as good as Girth of a Nation, it's still hilarious!

I was appalled at the other reviews here. I had seen this act on Comedy Central and had loved it. I needed to get a copy, but thought I must have the wrong DVD when I saw these few negative reviews. I bought it anyway, and it is the right DVD, and it is still a riot. So here I am to speak up for Ralphie, and hopefully others won't be put off by any unjust low ratings.

One reviewer thought he was too "toned down" or censored in this show and the other thought he was too "raw" or offensive for her tastes. I guess my girlfriend and I are in the middle- we both laughed our a*s*s off.

He doesn't curse much in this DVD, but he does not shy away from being offensive or sexually crude (to put it lightly), but that is either fine with you or it isn't. This is your only warning. Don't act surprised. Don't.

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