Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tony Blair First Text Message

Tony Blair has been talking about getting to grips with life after Downing St by finally learning to text.

The former prime minister told a Labour Party fundraising event he had learnt how to use text messages, only to receive one back asking: "Who are you?"

Stopping when traffic lights were on red was also a new experience - as PM his driver used to go straight through.

Also at the event, attended by Gordon Brown, were singer Mick Hucknall and Manchester Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mr Blair bought his first mobile phone last October, but appears to have failed to find time to learn to use it before he stepped down as prime minister last month.

He has long been seen as a technophobe, being described by former colleagues as "a pen and paper person".

New Labour's former media chief, Alastair Campbell, last year said of Mr Blair: "He tries - he's got a computer screen on his desk... it's pretty idle."

Last year it was revealed he had finally got his own e-mail account and he has admitted getting his daughter Kathryn to load songs on to his iPod.

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