Sunday, April 08, 2012

Where to find crowdsourcing jobs.

Interested in crowdsourcing sites? Here is a list of top 5 crowdsourcing services you might find useful

1. PickyDomains.Com – this crowd sourcing site specializes in naming things. Like names, domains, product lines, slogans, etc. The service is 100% risk free, meaning clients pay only if they decide to use one of the suggestions offered. Contributors get 40 to 60 percent of the amount paid by client.

2. 99Designs.Com – 99Designs is probably the best known logo crowdsourcing service out there (though it offers all kinds of web design services as well). It’s been growing by leaps and bounds and paid out over $25 million to designers since 2008.

3. oDesk.Com – dubbed ELance killer, oDesk may not kill its main competitor but having a chance to work with both, I can tell you that I like oDesk a whole lot better. It’s probably one of the best sources for crowdsourcing jobs for writers, programmers, designers, artists, marketers, virtual assistance and other freelancers.

4. IdeaBounty.Com – yes, you can even crowdsource ideas. (I wonder if anyone has used existing crowdsourcing service to generate ideas for a new crowdourcing service). As the name implies, IdeaBounty pays for ideas (most clients are corporations). And even though they say ‘ideas are a dime a dozen’, IdeaBounty pays thousands and the top reward so far stands at a cool $20,000.

5. AgentAnything.Com – Any Errand Any Time Any Where – that’s the slogan AgentAnything goes by and that’s pretty much a close description of the service. Unlike the four you just read about, this one leans toward offline tasks and is a lot like Craigslist.


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