Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BlackBerry Goes White

Research in Motion (RIM) has launched its very popular BlackBerry Pearl in stylish "White" color.

Which means - the BlackBerry Pearl is now available in Pearl White and Piano Black colors.
The BlackBerry Pearl incorporates features such as personal e-mail, instant messaging, and Web browsing. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera with 3 zoom levels (up to 5X), and built-in flash.

The BlackBerry Pearl also features "myFaves" that allows users to have quick, one-touch access to their favorite five friends and family members. In addition to calling, instant messaging, and texting, sending an email to one of the five favorites is also just a hit away.

Mark Guibert, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, RIM, said, "We are delighted by the immediate success of the BlackBerry Pearl in the market, and we are pleased to build on this momentum with the addition of another stunning color and finish."

The BlackBerry Pearl also features BlackBerry Maps, a new application for mapping and location-based services. This application works together with other BlackBerry applications, enabling the user to send maps via email and launch maps from other applications, including contacts in the user's address book.

Other features of the BlackBerry Pearl include multimedia player with stereo headset jack; enhanced version of SureType keyboard technology; and intuitive call management features such as smart dialing, conference calling, speed dialing, and call forwarding. The phone comes with a 64MB built-in flash memory expandable via microSD expansion slot.

The BlackBerry Pearl White is available online at www.t-mobile.com and in the US through T-Mobile retail stores and authorized dealers.
The phone comes with complementary White accessories including a stereo headset, a travel charger, and a USB cable.

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