Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Five Weird But Obscenely Profitable AdSense Niches.

I’m now reading a new site about AdSense niches (NicheGeek) and it lists profitable niches that are quite different from what ever-so-popular keyword list creators are trying to sell you (GeekNiche is 100% free, too).

I’ve picked five weird niches that make at least 50 cents per click or more. That’s about 5-10 times what an average AdSenser can expect to make.

  1. Psychic Readings.

Psychic readings are nothing new. You’ve probably seen ads for phone psychic readings on cable stations for years. You can expect to make up to 70 cents per click on average and individual clicks may very well be worth couple of bucks.

  1. Car donations

Now, think about that. Someone would give you something that worth several hundred to several thousand dollars (donated car) FOR FREE. Wouldn’t you love it? All you have to do to get that free money is to advertise. Of course, car donations is a great AdSense niche.

  1. Breathalyzers And Alcohol Tests

Now, I don’t know why this is a killer niche. I guess is a thriving market for breathalyzers out there, including portable breathalyzers, like keychain breathalyzers or cellphone breathalyzers that I wrote about.

  1. ATM Machines

Holy crap, you can buy anything online today, including an ATM Machine. I wonder if it comes with cash, though? I wouldn’t mind paying three grand for an ATM if it came with $20000.

  1. CCTV

CCTV simply stands for Closed Circuit Television and it’s basically a video surveillance system. CCTV and other types of surveillance systems are creeping up everywhere – not just convenience stores and warehouses, but offices, homes, parks, streets, schools, etc.

If you use AdSense to monetize a site, like I do, I advise you take a loot at NicheGeek.Com


Blogger Kiltak said...

Uh, psychic reading? I have to admit that the kind of person who would click on ads would surely fit the profile of someone who would visit this kind of site, lol

4:25 AM  
Blogger David Colince said...

Example of very attractive accommodation of ads: Google indexing info: Super! 60700 indexed pages!!! Somewhere has read, that here this site makes on AdSense on $400-450 in day! I want such site. My site while makes $2-4 in day. :(

11:00 AM  

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